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Beachcomber Collectables Hammocks

Beachcomber Collectables is an Australian company based in Sydney, we have been selling hammocks worldwide since 1998. We specialise in beautiful Nicaraguan hammocks, which are all handmade by artisans in Nicaragua.

The founder of the company, Tim, discovered these amazing hammocks and hammock chairs during his extensive travels. He was so impressed by the quality and comfort, and also the discovery that the hammocks were judged the ‘World’s best hammock’ by the King of Spain, that he formed a working relationship with the artisans and began importing the hammocks into Australia, the USA & the UK. We have practiced fair trade principles since the beginning.

We have recently begun expanding our range to include hammock stands, camping hammocks and Brazilian hammocks.

Double hammocks

Our double hammocks are all hand woven in Nicaragua. They are all double stitched which ensures an extremely soft and comfortable hammock with a lot of stretch. All our double hammocks are finished with a beautiful crocheted fringe. The hammocks all feature hand woven hardwood timber spreader bars , ensuring the hammock will not close in on you. With enough room for 2, but perfect for just one, our double hammocks are a best seller; beautiful, comfortable and functional.
The minimum hanging length we recommend for our double hammocks is 4m. The weight capacity is 250kg.

Chair hammocks

Our chair hammocks have proven to be the most popular in our range. They are all hand woven in Nicaragua and come in a variety of colours to suit every taste. Easy to hang from just one single hanging point, our hammock chairs can be used to sit on like a chair, to curl up in with your favourite book and a drink, or to stretch out your legs and just hang out.
These beautiful chairs are made of a soft cotton/synthetic mix with a beautiful hand turned hardwood timber spreader bar. The length of the spreader bar is around 1m and the chairs weigh around 2kg – which makes them perfect as a camping chair or if you are short of space or need to be able to put the hammock up and down easily.
The weight capacity of our chair hammock is 150kg. They can be used in conjunction with our hammock chair stand.

Camping Hammocks

Our camping hammocks are a more economical choice, perfect for camping and the home. The camping hammocks are made of a canvas waterproof material. They come in their own bag and so are easy to pack and transport. They are equipped with footrest and drinks holder and can easily be tied from a tree, balcony or any load bearing beam. The weight capacity is 120kg.

Russian Pine Wooden Hammock Stands

Our new Russian Pine Wooden Hammock Stands are made from strong, long lasting hardwood; in a beautiful Arc shape, with all hardware enclosed for ease of hanging your hammock. Our Timber Stands are a beautiful addition to every home, perfect for the deck, by the pool or in the home!The stands are 4.2metres long, with hanging points 4.1m apart and 1.25m high. As with all wooden products, care should be taken to protect the Timber Stands from the elements. Covers are available to protect your stand. To ensure a longer lasting product the stands should be covered and also varnished and sealed at least once every 6 months.

Call Phone: Beachcomber Collectables +61 2 9948 1578 / Mobile: +61 419 423178


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